Five of the Sexiest (or Sexist) Ads In Tech

By Sam Gibbs on at

With the whole storm over Asus's arse-centred tweet the other week, sex in tech has been brought front and centre. Proving that the old adage of sex sells holds true for tech as much as anywhere else, here's five of the sexiest ads in tech.

A skin-tight armour-clad heroine kicking arse? Not sure what the hell it's got to do with a phone, but anyway.

Apparently this one is a Swiss creation for Microsoft Office XP -- probably the least sexiest product in the world.

GoDaddy is notorious for its sexing up of domain sales with Danica Patrick, an American NASCAR driver, as its poster girl. This one has .co domains being painted on a model -- not exactly subtle.

For some reason Samsung thought it'd be great to get a TOWIE star in its ads for its new Smart Cameras. In steps Amy Childs. I'm not sure if this one is truly sexy. Stupidly sexist, yes, but sexy? I guess that depends if you like Essex girls and TOWIE...or not.


This one is probably the classiest of the lot. It's a French Compaq ad for its then-new Ipaq, from back in 2001.


Misogynistic and sexist? Definitely. Do they work as ads? Certainly. Just like the perfume; clothing, and even beer adverts, sex always sells. Check out the rest of the super-sexist ads over at BuzzFeed. [BuzzFeed]