Flame Trojan Gets Strange Auto-Destruct Command

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember that massive piece of spy malware that was running about the internet called Flame? In a very strange turn of events, apparently it's just been told to immediately commit suicide and destroy itself, leaving no trace it was ever there.

Flame's command and control servers are sending out the "urgent suicide" message, which instructs the Trojan to not only remove itself from infected machines, but to overwrite its location with a load of random characters too. It's trying to disappear without a trace, and you have to wonder why.

I guess it could be attempting to get out without leaving something behind to analyse, now that its mission is over, but having been caught by security firms and the Iranians, you'd think that was a lost cause. It certainly makes this look like another government-powered cyber attack, but at least it's seemingly over, for now. [Symantec via The Register]