Forget a Personal Trainer, a Flying Drone Could Be Your New Running Pal

By Sam Gibbs on at

Some people absolutely love running, but for the rest of us it's a chore we have to suffer through to just keep fit. Would it be a tad more fun if you had a robotic pal to keep you company as you trudge round the park, though? The Joggobot's Australian creators think so.

The Joggobot is basically a modified Parrot AR Drone, which follows you around by tracking a patterned T-shirt you wear as you go running. It's like the proverbial carrot you can never reach, as it flies just in front of you as you sprint towards it. It's got two modes: a "companion mode", which basically just keeps you company, whirring its encouragement to keep you going, and "coach mode", which kicks it up a gear and makes you chase it around the park.

The Joggobot has a couple of drawbacks though. For one it'll only fly for 20 minutes at a time, which sounds great to me as that's all the running I can take at any one time, but might be a bit of a downer for anyone who wants to run further. The other is that it won't be able to carry much.

One of the problems I have with running is fitting in time to actually get out there do it. If the Joggobot could carry a bag full of stuff I could run with it home from work, but I'm guessing that's not really going to happen anytime soon. The Joggobot is still in the prototyping stage, but I like it. Maybe I'd run a bit more if I had a fun toy to follow me around. After all, who hasn't wanted a robotic pal at one stage or another? [Joggobot via Wired UK]