Forget BT's 330Mbps Fibre, We Want Virgin to Pump Out 4,700Mbps Over Cable Broadband

By Sam Gibbs on at

BT might be pushing 330Mbps through fibre this July, but it seems that good old copper isn't down and out just yet. The Germans have successfully tested broadband at a colossal 4.7Gbps; that's over 14 times as fast as our new top speed, using just standard cable in the field. Come on Virgin, where are you on that?

The testing shows that cable isn't as redundant as people might think. Yes, optical fibre has the potential to go even faster, but right now, rolling out all that fibre to people's homes is an absolute mission. Being able to achieve gigabit speeds, through multi-channel bonding techniques like this over copper cables, means we should have a decent stopgap to tide us over until fibre really does run into every home.

Now that Germany's Arris and Kabel Deutschland have proved it's possible in the field, let's hope Virgin starts testing something like this soon too. Gigabit cable anyone? [GigaOm]

Image credit: Fast from Shutterstock