Forget Your Bank Card, All Your Need Is Your Phone to Get Cash Out Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

The phone looks set to claim another victim -- the humble bank card seems on the way out, thanks to RBS, Natwest and NCR. You can now request up to £100 using just your phone and an ATM, perfect for emergency beer money.

The holy grail of phone-wallet killing is contactless (or 2D barcode-equipped) payment systems, but you're probably going to need cash while out and about for a good time longer. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest have come up with an app-based system where you can request up to £100 of cash using just your smartphone. You can then rock up to an ATM,type in a six-digit code and command it to spit out your money.

You can use the system right now, if you're with RBS or Natwest, just by downloading the app (RBS, Natwest) and heading to a RBS, Natwest or Tesco branded ATM. NCR, a cash machine operator in the UK, also has similar system in the works that scans a barcode on your phone's screen to authorise cash, which means other banks might follow suit soon too.

Once Google Wallet finally rolls out properly in the UK; Apple pushes its Passbook with iOS 6, and when NFC eventually gains serious ground in-store, we'll no longer need a wallet it seems, even if you need good old cold hard cash. [BBC]

Image credit: ATM from Shutterstock