Foxconn Smacks Down Galaxy S III, Says Wait For the iPhone 5 We're Building

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owner of the parent company of the troubled Foxconn tech maker suggests you shouldn't buy Samsung's Galaxy S III and ought to wait for the iPhone 5, labelling Samsung a "snitch" and suggesting going Apple is the way forward.

Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou is reported to have told his shareholders that the company will be bigger than Samsung within three to five years, thanks to new deals with Sharp and making it his "lifetime goal" to defeat his Taiwanese rival. He also suggested the iPhone 5 will put the Galaxy S III to shame, whenever it arrives, in what must've been a drink-fuelled and very exciting corporate presentation.

"And the stupid phone might even catch fire" he should've added, for extra impact. [Focus Taiwan via The Register]