Free Debenhams O2 Wi-Fi means You'll Have Something to Do While Your Girlfriend Tries On 1,000 Different Jumpers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Department store chain Debenhams and O2 have been investing quite a lot of money in routers, announcing that all 167 branches of the super-shop now have access to free Wi-Fi.

The idea is supposed to encourage use of the Debenhams mobile app while trudging miserably around its aisles, which lets users scan bar codes to order things for home delivery, read reviews and "Ask friends what they think about a product" from the comfort of a dressing room. Although it also means we can all go there for a free bit of Wi-Fi on the high street.

It's accessible for everyone regardless of if they're an O2 customer or not. All you have to do is register with O2's Wi-Fi site the once, then rest safe in the knowledge there's some usable free coverage out there in the wilds of retail land. [O2]