Free Wi-Fi Goes Live On London's Tube Today

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard about the 80 tube stations that'll be getting free Wi-Fi courtesy of Virgin by the end of July, but the first of them have already gone live for all your free internet sipping needs -- time to go find out how fast they really are for yourselves.

From today, free Wi-Fi within King's Cross and Warren Street stations is live, with Oxford Circus and Green Park being switched on tomorrow, and Victoria and Euston joining the free Wi-Fi party on Saturday June 9.

The rest of the 80 stations will gradually be switched on as they're ready in June and July. To get your fill of free Wi-Fi, all you'll need to do is connect and register your email address. Make the most of it folks; once the summer of sport is done and dusted, it won't be free any more, so fill your boots while you can.

Image credit: Tube from Shutterstock