Fuji Xerox Has Made a Colour E-Paper That Doesn't Need a Filter

By Leslie Horn on at

There's good news for those hoping for a future with bright rainbow-hued e-ink screens—Fuji Xerox has developed a colour e-paper that doesn't need a colour filter.

On an e-reader, colour is typically achieved by putting a filter over the black-and-white display. This results in dull, washed-out tones, leaving a lot to be desired. This Fuji prototype, however, is a far cry from those faded hues you're used to. It works by moving around the particles that make up each colour. Every one of these particles has a different charge, which makes it possible for each one to be controlled. The paper comprises two panels, and you're able to see a certain colour when its associated particle is brought to the front one. It's also got white colour particles sandwiched in between pair of boards, and they stay there, so white can be seen by pulling the colours to the back substrate.

Though it's just a prototype, it's exciting to think of the possibilities for e-ink. Once companies can produce e-readers with brighter colours, there will be a lot of people lining up to buy them. [TechOn via UberGizmo]