FunnyJunk's Lawyer Makes It Personal and Sues the Oatmeal Himself

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Oatmeal's Bearlove Good, Cancer Bad initiative has certainly ruffled some feathers. It seems Charles Carreon, FunnyJunk's lawyer, really didn't like Inman's reaction to his letter. He's up and sued the Oatmeal, and this time it's personal.

The incredible thing is that the suit apparently names both Inman and the charities he's named for his fundraising campaign. The summary for the suit lists "trademark infringement and incitement to cyber-vandalism" as the reason for the case. According to Ars Technica, Carreon has been publically complaining about having his site hacked and his inbox berated with abuse after Inman's post -- it looks like money wasn’t the only thing Oatmeal supporters were keen on donating.

What a right mess this is all going to turn out to be. I'm not up with the American legal system, so I can't tell you whether the Oatmeal will survive all this, but I can tell you it's going to be costly either way. There's no doubt Inman did what he did to put two fingers up to FunnyJunk and its demands, but I doubt launching a hack attack against FunnyJunk's lawyer was his aim. Still, the charity fund is up to just over £115,000 now, which is pretty impressive, and it's got 8 more days to run too. [Lowering the Bar, PopeHat via Ars Technica]