Goodbye Productivity, Hello Lego!

By Jacob Lewis on at

Now you can play with mountains of Lego, all day while at work, and you don't even have to tidy up afterwards. Lego have partnered up with Google Chrome to create a Lego sandbox virtual world in a web browser, where you can build to your heart's content.

The Lego building sim called "Build" is layered over a google map of Australia, so just pick your plot down-under and start covering the outback in colourful plastic blocks.

Google showed off the project in a video by creating a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but now the whole world is getting its imagination on, making rubbish houses and pointless written messages. One user has even gone to the trouble of claiming a good chunk of Lego Australia for the French Republic, complete with a massive flag and a couple of castles.

I nabbed a prime piece of real estate on Ramsey Street where I'm building something really phallic, that'll annoy the neighbours. [Google via Gizmodo Australia]