Google Counts Over 900,000 New Android Devices Coming Online Every Single Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Android's big boss Andy Rubin has fired up his dormant Twitter account to address the world, informing them that he doesn't have any plans to quit Google, and saying the company now sees some 900,000 new Android devices register themselves every single day.

Rubin's previously clarified what this activations figure means, for the benefit of those who never believe anything they read or are told. Android activations means new hardware connecting to Google's server for the first time, data which doesn't include updated phones, or old phones signing in with new accounts.

Sadly the 900,000 headline figure is all the data Andy decided to provide, so we have no info on how this is split between phones and tablets, although we'd suspect the ratio would be something like 99:1. [Andy Rubin]