Google Glass Isn't Buyable Until 2014. Does that Mean Never?

By Leslie Horn on at

BMX bikes! Skydiving! High fives! For everyone who was floored by the movie stunt-style debut of Google Glass yesterday at day one of I/O, well, pump the brakes. They won't even be consumer-ready until 2014, Sergey Brin told Bloomberg Television.

Though devs were able to sign up for a pre-order of the explorer edition yesterday (read: pay Google £1,000 for a chance to test a product that's in beta), the trial period doesn't begin until next year. But hey, they did get a sweet engraved glass brick to put on their mantles to signify that sometime in the future, they'll be part of the pilot.

Yes, the demo was impressive. But wait, how do these things even work? And what are the specs? Google didn't talk about any of that. Just smoke and mirrors, demonstrations of how they could be used theoretically, distracting from what the actual tech behind the lenses is. If the timeline of Google delivering on, for example, Android OS updates, is any indication, 2014 might actually be generous. At least by then, you'll have saved enough money for a pair. [Bloomberg TV via Ars Technica]