Google Glass Ready for Public Testing, £1,000 Buys a Lucky Few a Prototype Unit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's insane-looking augmented reality spectacles are about to explode into existence, with the search giant now taking pre-orders for a prototype "Explorer Edition" of the specs, which will arrive with testers and developers early in 2013.

Following that, an actual full public launch of the enhanced eyewear is scheduled for some time within the following year, should everything proceed well with the early adopters.

Announced at last night's Google I/O developer event, this initial test batch of Google Glasses costs the buyers $1,500 (£970-odd), with Google handing out a commemorative glass brick (!) etched with the unit's model number along with each pre-order.

Google's new selling point for the super-specs is that you're able to catalogue your life in more detail than ever before, thanks to having a camera constantly attached to your face. Although, with a current battery life of only six hours, it'll run out of power while you're staring at a computer during the day and you'll have no juice left to take photo of the post-work pints or women's shoes on the train home.

But it's only a prototype. Batteries might get better over the next 18 months. [Gizmodo US]