Google Maps Adds Live Man-Tracking to its Enormous List of Features

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new update to Google Maps will soon let companies track their staff, automatically generating map data of their whereabouts. If you said you're at home in bed, you'd better be at home in bed. Or at least have left your phone on your pillow.

The tracking data created by Google Maps Coordinate is designed to let companies legitimately keep track of their employees, knowing who's where and how long they're likely to be, adding "real-time visibility" to staff's daily duties. The data will be harvested via GPS, provided by a custom app designed to be installed on Android phones by your in-house IT man.

The end result will be a more efficient world. Google's charging companies $15 per month per person, should anyone want in on the scheme. [Google Maps Coordinate via Wired]