Google's Just In It For the .LOLs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has gone public with some of its plans to register and manage some weird new top-level domains as part of ICANN's big shake-up of the system, with the likes of .google, .docs and even .lol on its shortlist of future web addresses that sound like a good idea.

The rather depressing .lol domain is singled out by Google as one that has "interesting and creative potential," which will sit alongside more practical addresses like .youtube and others that aim to protect Google's various trademarks and properties on the internet of the future.

ICANN will reveal all of the applicants and their proposed new TLD names on its site on June 13th, so we'll be able to see what other new web addresses Google and the rest of the internet world has in mind for us then. [Google via Ars]