Hackers Say Twitter Got Hacked, Twitter Says it Just Broke

By Gary Cutlack on at

Twitter was down for a big chunk of last night, causing the nation to look up from its telephones, blink and look around the room in a state of distress, then get up to instinctively make a cup of tea. Twitter says it broke, hackers say they hacked it. Who's right?

In a long and apologetic blog post, Twitter said the downtime wasn't caused by football excitement, GIF avatars or even a malicious hack, instead blaming a "cascading bug" that took out many of its systems simultaneously, resulting in an hour and 40 minutes of radio silence for Planet Twitter.

A completely different story emerged from hacking gang UG Nazi, though, which says it took Twitter down with a simple DDoS attack. Taking credit for the hit, hacker Cosmo said: "It wasn't really difficult at all, I myself honestly thought Twitter would be more protected from a DDoS Attack, but I guess not."

Who's right? Who cares? [Telegraph via BBC]