Halo 4 Trailers Show... Men... in Space... Shooting Aliens

By Gary Cutlack on at

Well what did you expect? Video game trade show E3 is well under way in the US, with Microsoft wowing its own set of fans with new footage showing the people its continuing adventures in the popular space marine series.

The set of trailers shows off Halo 4's main setting, the UNSC Infinity star ship (which the BBC will no doubt mistake for the International Space Station), plus we're also treated to some very fast and fun looking multiplayer action and given a look at the new cooperative missions.

Master Chief may have been replaced in favour of a new, generic space marine you build and customise yourself, but there's no denying that new developer 343 Industries would appear to have got the look and feel of the Halo universe spot-on so far. [CVG [1], [2], [3]]