Here Is Your New Biggest (LED) TV in The World

By Sam Biddle on at

The LC-90LE745U has a long, unmemorable name. The LC-90LE745U costs over £6,000—you probably can't afford it. The LC-90LE745U is 90-inches wide: the biggest LED LCD TV in the world, and it's completely beautiful. The LC-90LE745U completely dominates your eyeballs. Memorised that model name, yet?

Debate the point of a 90-inch TV all you want. Think about the possibility that you'd have to take your door off its hinges or deconstruct part of your home entirely to get it inside your living room. A TV like this doesn't care about your "practical concerns"—Sharp wants to sell you the biggest TV of its kind on the planet, and as of today, it does, packing full-array backlighting, a 240 Hz refresh rate, and, of course, 3D playback. It has Wi-Fi and smart software stuff (like Netflix) built in, if you care of that. Look at it! It's huge! (For reference, I'm around 5'11" on a good day).

But don't you need to be X number of feet away to even—Shhhhh. Yeah, there's a threshold across which pixels are visible, but you know what? With a screen as humungous and vivid as this one, it sort of doesn't matter. Even standing around six or seven feet away from the set, Blu-ray motion looked gorgeous and undiluted by the presence of discernable pixels. You can see them, and maybe you'll care a little, but you'll care a lot more about the fact that you have a TV so large it can actually cause slight motion sickness during a roller coaster scene—in a good way! At this point, the immersion factor, whether it be a PS3 game or a film, supersedes pixel density nitpicking. There is no replacement for fucking gigantic. If you simply want the biggest HDTV with LED backlighting—which lends itself to a thinner form and better colours—well, here it is.