How to Grab Another 3GB of Free Dropbox Storage For Life

By Sam Gibbs on at

Dropbox's iPhone app got just got a major photo-loving update, which is great and all, but the best bit is you can grab yourself an extra 3GB of Dropbox for free, just for syncing your photos and video. Sounds like a winner to me. Here's how.

Just like the beta test of the company's automatic photo-uploading desktop client, for every 500MB of pictures and video you upload from your iPhone you'll get 500MB of free space. You can grab up to 3GB of free space and then just delete all those photos from Dropbox. If you’re anything like me you might struggle to collate 3GB of photos and videos together on your iPhone to upload, but you can probably just leave your phone recording video for an hour or something.

I don't know about you, but 3GB of more free space on Dropbox is well worth an hour fiddling around. Grab the updated app for the iPhone and iPad from iTunes and get uploading. [iTunes]

Thanks Darrell!