If Cars Can Have Airbags, Why Can't Bikes?

By Jacob Lewis on at

That's what one Singaporean design student thought. Alvin Chan is entering the prestigious Dyson Awards with his Cyclist Emergency Protection System (EMPS) -- an all-in-one cycle safety device. The bicycle protection system comes complete with sensors; an airbag; indicators, and a horn, all stuffed into a compact pack that sits under the saddle.

Anyone who cycles in London knows how dangerous and hairy it can get out there, and with cyclist mortality on the rise, Alvin's invention is needed now more than ever. Unfortunately for cyclists, even helmet's aren't much help against side impacts -- the most common type of collision -- so Alvin designed his automatic side airbags to protect against violent trauma to the arms and legs. You can check out the video above for all the details on the device.

Last years Dyson Award winner invented a machine that sucks water out of thin air, so the competition this year will no doubt be tough, let's hope the EMPS gets built whether he wins or not. [Dyson Award]