Is There Still More Prometheus to Come?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that Prometheus has landed in the cinema, you would have thought that all the teasers and other bits and pieces would stop, but no. Even the end credits have something for us to muse over -- but what does it all mean?

The credits ended with a tagline: "building better worlds since 10.11.12." Some smart cookie managed to discover it was pointing at a new site, which hosted yet more Weyland Industries propaganda. This time a new clip of young Weyland, good ol' Guy Pearce again, appeared.

This video has him quoting a line from Thus Spake Zarathustra by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, which deals with the death of God among other things. There's also a rotating book with the words "What is Great in Man is That He is a Bridge and Not an End" blazoned across it -- another quote from Nietzsche.

What does all this mean? It could just be prep for the inevitable DVD release later this year, but it could also be a hint that there's more to come from the world of Prometheus and young Weyland. It does seem a bit odd to get Pearce in just for the bit part he played as ancient Weyland and for all the viral marketing we got before the film's release. Perhaps he was there to set the stage for more prequels? [ via via TotalFilm]