Jelly Bean; Nexus Tablets, and Pricey Media Streamers: What Did You Make of Google's Announcements?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Google absolutely killed it on day one of its I/O show, unveiling the next version of Android, along with the hotly-tipped Nexus 7 tablet. But wait! They also chucked in a free set of steak-knives, in the form of the Nexus Q media streamer; a new cloud messaging service, and Google+ Events. Let's chat.


Android Jelly Bean: All the New Features

Android 4.1 comes with a bunch of new features: There's a super-fast new interface with a cleaner home-screen; offline voice dictation; new camera app; notifications have been overhauled; a new Siri-style search engine; smart app updating, and the intriguing Google Now.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Starting at £160, the Nexus 7 tablet is facing up squarely to the Kindle Fire (which Amazon still hasn't launched here in the UK.) Available for pre-order now, it will ship in July. July! It's about time we saw a cheap-as-chips tablet reach our shores.


Nexus Q: Google Play Invades Your Living Room Its Own Media Streamer

Listed as "coming soon" to the UK, the £200 media streamer has a 25-watt amp, and promises to bring Google Play apps into your home. Have you seen how it looks, though?


Google Play Actually Has Stuff You Want To Watch Now

While Google hasn't specified if this will reach the UK, we imagine it will -- after all, being able to purchase TV shows; movies and magazines from the Google Play store is a natural step forward, right? Even if you don't necessarily want to download movies on your phone...


Google’s New Cloud Messaging System Does More for Less

GCM is the next version of Google’s existing messaging system, Android Cloud to Device Messaging and, as such, GCM retains a lot of the core functionality of C2DM. Find out more here.


Google+ Events Wants to Make Your Friends Feel Special

Can better invitations, calendar integration, photos and other flashy tricks to make the people you invite to parties and events feel like they’re really having a good time? Google wants to lure people away from Facebook events, and towards Google+. Gulp.


Nexus Q Hands On: First Impressions of Google’s Media Streaming Orb

We went hands-on with the unusual streaming orb.


Android Jelly Bean Is So Fast That It Makes the Current Android Look Like a Crippled Sloth

Google calls Jelly Bean's new graphics engine Project Butter. You know, because it is as fluid and slippery as hot butter and because it goes with their whole candy/dessert code naming for Android.

I know a few of you have already pre-ordered Nexus tablets, but what do you make of Google's other announcements? The Q seems to be attracting a lot of hate for being a.) expensive, and b.) not as good as other media streamers, but does anyone plan on picking up one of the oddly-shaped units?

Let us know in the comments below just what you made of Google's announcements...