Lamborghini's £1,800 Android Phone is a Complete Car Crash

By Gary Cutlack on at

Is it possible for eyes to be sick? If it is, they'll be puking all over your face after looking at this absolute disaster, which is the latest prestige smartphone to cost more money than most of us would spend on a second-hand car.

Proving that companies that make cars shouldn't bother making telephones, the Lamborghini Android model is all stupidly macho angles and curves, with the thing covered in gold to ensure its owner really stands out as (a) rich and (b) devoid of any form of taste.

The phone itself is the mobile equivalent of a Vauxhall Corsa in an after-market body kit. The Lamborhini TL700 offers a 3.7" display running at 800x480 resolution, plus it'll arrive running Android 2.3 with a 5-Megapixel camera inside. It even comes with an SOS button, for when you've just smashed your supercar into the central reservation.

Lamborghini is also planning an over-priced/under-spec Android tablet, with its L2800 tablet arriving with Android 2.3 onboard, behind a 9.7" display. That'll cost you around £1,500. Well, probably not you, but someone out there might be silly enough for it. [Reg Hardware]

Image credit: Hi.Tech.Mail