Looks Like a New Touchscreen MacBook Pro Is On Its Way

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft's decided that touchscreen tablet-come-laptops are the way forward, but Apple's not quite so sure. Still, if Apple won't give you a touchscreen MacBook Pro, maybe Modbook can.

Modbook Inc has just taken charge of the brand and designs from Canada-based Axiotron, who made the original Modbook, turning a MacBook into a full-blown touchscreen OSX tablet. Now it's teasing a new generation of the Modbook Pro, hopefully using that incredible Retina Display MacBook Pro as its base.

Somehow I think Modbook might struggle to turn the Retina Display MBP into a tablet, considering how hard it is to take apart, but then one can hope. Even if Modbook does manage it though, be prepared to sink some serious chunk of change to get one -- this thing is definitely not going to come cheap. [Modbook]

Thanks Jeff!