LoveFilm Gets Cosy With Fox For a Good Dollop of Buffy

By Sam Gibbs on at

LoveFilm's still throwing punches in its war with Netflix. This time it's scored a pretty big hit tying up 20th Century Fox for both TV and movies -- say hello to 24, Prison Break, Buffy and a load of others.

We're only talking the second pay TV window here though, which basically means films are available two years after appearing in the cinemas. Then again, I'm more interested in Fox's TV back catalogue.

In other streaming news, LoveFilm also managed to sign up Miramax, matching Netflix's offering in the UK. I don't know about you, but I'm loving the fact that both Netflix and LoveFilm are still fighting it out for content. Yes, we may end up having to grab both to get everything, but at least the amount of stuff you can actually stream instantly to your goggle box is expanding rapidly -- death to having to shift your arse off the sofa just to watch a movie.