LulzSec's Back From the Dead to Hack 10,000 Twitter Logins

By Sam Gibbs on at

It looks like LulzSec is back, or at least someone claiming to be the hacking collective "reborn" is, and it's attacking Twitter. It's just released 10,000 Twitter user names, passwords, real names, and a whole bunch of location data.

LulzSec Reborn apparently attacked through TweetGif, which allows people to share hilarious animated Gifs through Twitter. The problem is you have to login through Twitter to use it, which left Twitter details vulnerable. It seems not everyone has learnt from the recent  spate of hack attacks.

Anyone who used TweetGif at one stage or another might want to check out the .SQL file LulzSec so helpfully distributed, and change their password too, I guess. Makes you think twice about entering your Twitter data into the next new-fangled thing doesn't it? [PCMag]