Mac-Using Travellers Directed to More Expensive Hotel Room Bookings

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bit of shocking Apple-user manipulation has been discovered, which sees a travel site recognising its high-spending Mac-using readers and automatically redirecting them to more expensive hotel room listings.

US travel site Orbitz is responsible for the manipulation of search results, which it admits is due to the fact that those using Macs to browse its site usually end up spending between $20 and $30 per night more on their hotel rooms that those on PCs -- so the site serves them costlier rooms.

It's not as shameful a deceit as it appears on the surface, as Orbitz never ends up trying to sell the same rooms for more money. It just suggests the more expensive rooms from the outset to those using Macs. It does make you wonder what other odd mind games web sites might be playing on us without our knowledge. [WSJ]

Image credit: Hotels from Shutterstock