Matt Smith's Trousers Appearing at Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience This July

By Gary Cutlack on at

BBC Worldwide is bringing a real-world Doctor Who exhibition to Cardiff, giving fans of the Doctor's many faces and phases a chance to check out some artefacts from the show's occasionally glorious history and watch some all-new clips of the space-based mayhem.

The Cardiff event opens for business on July 20th, when children both young and very, very old will be able to give the BBC's commercial division between £9 and £13 to enter, wherein they'll be able to enjoy "exclusive filmed sequences" in a special interactive video thing, or browse the collection of props from the show's past.

The entire collection of the Doctor's outfits from the show's beginning in 1963 to the knowingly eccentric charity shop combo Matt Smith wears today will be on show, along with whatever props the BBC didn't burn to clear up warehouse space in the 60s and 70s. [Doctor Who Experience -- Thanks, Pete]