Microsoft Launching Own-Brand High Street Shops in the UK Next Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is set to bring its own take on the retail experience to the UK high street, with the software giant believed to be planning the launch of a number of physical shops next year.

The sources which informed The Verge of this development couldn't pinpoint a location, but we'd guess it'd be in a very expensive part of London, if Microsoft wants to bridge the style gap that exists between itself and its fashionable, Apple-branded competition.

We can see it now; the ironic blue-screens around the product repair area, the start-up noise playing as the doors open, the forced smiles of men advising other men about graphics cards. In fact, you can already see it now, as Microsoft has a number of sadly quite traditional official shops up and running in the US and Canada. [The Verge via Techradar]