Microsoft Surface Is Hiding a Pressure Sensitive Keyboard and Built-In Kickstand

By Adrian Covert on at

The Microsoft Surface may be billed as a tablet, but hiding in its 3 millimetre cover is a pressure sensitive keyboard and called Touch Cover which will allow the tablet to function more like a computer on the go.

Touch Cover connects to the Surface with magnets (much like the Apple's Smart Cover does with the iPad), and "senses keystrokes as gestures," according to Microsoft. Impressive as this technology may be, it's possible we've seen it before; four years ago, Microsoft showed off a project at their Research fair called the unMouse Pad, which used force-sensing resistors to create a paper-thin multitouch trackpad that was also pressure sensitive. I used it myself, and it could detect all 10 fingers with great accuracy. Seems like it would have been very easy for them to shoehorn that technology into the Touch Cover. [Microsoft Surface]