Microsoft Wants to Take Control and Automate Your Android Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's new on{X} Android app is an odd thing, using Facebook and JavaScript to automatically send little scripts of editable code to your phone, teaching users some coding basics in the process.

Once signed in via Facebook on your Android phone, you're then told to head off to to sign in again and actually create guidelines on your desktop computer to send across to your phone. Rather than offering any sort of drag/drop interface, this requires would-be automators to use actual JavaScript code to implement their rules.

We suspect most users will give up at this point, if they didn't already uninstall the app in a big sulk when it asked them to login with Facebook.

On the plus side, given that it provides sample code to tinker with and can instantly ping it to your phone to show you the working end results, it does actually create a very simple and straightforward way to take your first little steps in JavaScript, if learning that's always been one of your life goals. [Google Play -- thanks, Darrell]