More Leaked iPhone 5 Shots Confirm It's Simply Gorgeous

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yet more photos of the supposed leaked iPhone 5 have appeared, this time it's a fully assembled model, complete with smaller dock connector; bottom-edge headphones port, and two-tone back -- if genuine, Apple has a really good-looking phone on its hands here.

Right now there's no telling whether these are real photos, but it sure looks like the rest of the recent leaks, including its brief show on video. These leaks might all just be from one of Apple's various different prototypes it creates, and therefore could be miles from the truth when the final product arrives in the summer, or totally fake of course. Then again, they look pretty convincing, but perhaps that's just me wishing for a return to the original iPhone's styling. [TGBUS via MacOtakara via Apple Insider]

Update: It looks like these could just some really fancy renders. Still, one can hope the original parts these were based off, like the video render, are real.