New and Improved Siri Might Actually Work Properly In the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Us Brits got more or less stiffed on the more useful features of Siri -- no business look-ups or maps, plus it could barely understand us most of the time. It seems that's going to change a bit with new and improved Siri in iOS 6.

Cnet did a little test on the iOS 6 beta and found that we'll finally get business, or at least pub, lookups using Apple's new maps; whether it'll understand "give me beer" we don't know, yet. We'll also get traffic, directions home and football scores out of Siri -- frankly that's a colossal step up already, compared to the broken promise we got here in the UK.

I'm hoping we'll get everything our American cousins get out of Siri -- maybe then it'll actually be useful, but probably not. At least it can launch apps now, right? [Cnet]