Nintendo's 3DS XL is Bigger, But no Better Than the Original

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nintendo has just announced the 3DS XL, a larger version of its troubled 3D handheld console with a 90 per cent larger screen and enhanced battery capacity.

The top screen, where most of the action goes down in Nintendo World, is now a 4.8" model, while the lower, touch-sensitive display's 4.2" in size. To ensure game compatibility is seamless, the resolution is unchanged over that offered by the 3DS, so don't go expecting any new "HD" badged games to appear.

What's odd is that Nintendo hasn't taken the chance to address the lack of a second directional controller, which players and developers have been crying out for, and was deemed such an omission from the original 3DS that Nintendo launched a standalone, attachable second stick.

So, the 3DS XL just offers the same games on a bigger screen. A typical Nintendo strategy, designed mainly to fleece more cash from its diehard fans, who will upgrade to this in a flash. And fully understanding this fact, Nintendo won't even be including a charger with the UK version, although there will be a 4GB SD card in the box, so Nintendo's download shop is usable from the off.

The 3DS XL launches in Europe on July 28th. There won't be much of a queue for it. [CVG]