Not Even Mark Zuckerberg Can Be Bothered to Use Facebook's Life Events

By Sam Gibbs on at

No one I know is using Facebook's Timeline Life Events. When Facebook introduced the feature with Timeline, I thought, yes, that could work great for historic brands and famous people, but for users? Why bother? It seems not even Mark Zuckerberg himself can be arsed with it, so why should you?

Facebook wants you to go back in time to enter pivotal moments in your life, like your marriage, changing of schools, graduation -- that kind of thing. It also wants you to make a Life Event every time you do something interesting, like travel abroad or even when you start a new hobby -- that's way too much sharing for me, and it seems not many others can be arsed with it either.

As ReadWriteWeb points out, not even Mark Zuckerberg has kept it up, with his marriage and becoming an organ donor being his only Life Events of late. There's no doubt Zuckerberg's been travelling, and I'll bet good money that he's done something else Life Event-worthy, but you can't see it on his Timeline. Then again, he could be hiding them from the masses, but Life Events are public by default, and Zuckerberg has always been a big proponent of the world having no privacy.

Will anyone actually start using Life Events the way Facebook wants you to? I doubt it, but then maybe it's just my circle of friends that just aren't oversharers that taints my view. Personally, I'm over timeline, but what about you guys? Are you Timeline-lovers with every infinitesimally small event posted up there for posterity? [ReadWriteWeb]