Operation Bearlove Good, Cancer Bad Raises a Colossal £141,000 For the Oatmeal's Charities

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's amazing what people can do when properly motivated. That whole legal mess involving the Oatmeal; FunnyJunk; FunnyJunk's lawyer; some charities, and now even Ars Technica, has at least raised some serious cash for a good cause.

The funding drive is now over, totalling to a pretty healthy £141,000 -- that's over 11 times more than Matthew Inman's original target. Now Inman's got to take a picture of all that juicy cash and send it off to Carreon and FunnyJunk. Mind you, that might not be such a great idea right now, considering Carreon's feeling pretty litigious, even targeting an Ars Technica commenter.

I really hope the Oatmeal survives all this. It's one of my favourite web comics, and Inman seems like a decent chap all-in-all. I guess we'll have to just sit tight and see how it all plays out both in and out of court. [Indeigogo via Gizmodo Australia]