Peter Molyneux's Next Game Will Sell You a Pretend Diamond Chisel for £50,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

British game developer Peter Molyneux, the man behind such classics as Populous, Black & White and Fable, quit his Microsoft role recently to create smaller indie titles. His first test venture is Curiosity, a bizarre experiment featuring a £50,000 digital chisel players may purchase within.

The popular game developer says it's more of "a test about the psychology of monetisation" than a money-making exercise (which sounds like a line from the parody Molyneux Twitter account), with Molyneux's game coming across like some sort of bizarre 1950s experiment.

The game dumps players in a sealed room. In the room is a big black cube. Players chip away at it until it breaks, with the person who chips away the last chunk winning the chance to see the contents of the block. And no one know what's inside it. Additional downloadable chisels, including the one magical £50k diamond chisel, boost the impact rating and therefore the chances of being the person who strikes the winning blow, so there had better be something rather nice inside. Like a the virtual keys to an actual house.

Molyneux hopes a single mad, rich player, or perhaps a syndicate spawned from interested gamers, might club together to buy the special chisel. Or maybe no one will bother at all because it's not Call of Duty. [New Scientist via MCV]