Ray-Ban Foldable Aviators Make the Slickest Shades Even Better

By Leslie Horn on at

Ray-Bans are some of the best sunglasses. The styles of are timeless and the lenses are quality. And while there have been foldable Wayfarers for years, now the classic Ray-Ban Aviators have gotten the same treatment.

A pair of these shades will run you between £165 and £205, depending on the style. Ray-Ban's been making Aviators since 1937, so they're something you can hold onto for a long time. Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun and that was 1986, so they're not exactly going anywhere. They're coming soon on the Ray-Ban site, but in the meantime they're available in stores. There's just about nothing cooler than Aviators, and somehow now they're even better. [Acquire]