Renewed "Snooper's Charter" Internet History Bill About to be Published

By Gary Cutlack on at

Home Secretary Theresa May is pressing on with the idea of bringing in some amazingly strict new online monitoring rules for the UK, which will see our every click, like, email and gaming session recorded and kept on file for 12 months.

The updated Communications Bill will be published today in draft form, requiring, if it goes through Parliament, all UK communications companies to track our use of social networks, webmail, VoIP calls, web sites visited and gaming habits, whatever good that might be.

One change that has been made over earlier versions of the Bill is a reduction in the powers granted to local authorities, who will no longer be able to demand access to phone call records. However, that move's not enough for privacy campaigners and even some Tory MPs, who claim the Bill remains a "snooper's charter" that indiscriminately covers all users rather than those suspected of doing bad things with their internet pipes.

Home Secretary Theresa May invoked the T-word when speaking with the BBC ahead of the Bill's publication, claiming the new rules are, of course, all the fault of terrorists, saying: "This is purely about the who, when and where made these communications and it's about ensuring we catch criminals and stop terrorists." [BBC]

Image credit: CCTV from Shutterstock