Ridley Scott Lets Slip That a Prometheus Sequel Is Definitely On-the-Cards

By Sam Gibbs on at

If the mysterious end credits and new video weren't enough of a hint that a Prometheus sequel is on the way, Ridley Scott's more or less confirmed a second film is planned, and it's probably going to be called Paradise.

Apparently the original title for Prometheus was actually Paradise, and that the sequel would deal with Dr. Shaw's journey and arrival on the "Engineer's" planet. Considering Scott describes the Engineers as "aggressive fuckers", I doubt Shaw will get the red carpet rolled out for her, even if there are some fireworks.

We don't know when a sequel will arrive; it sounds like it's not underway just yet though. That doesn't mean Scott won't get pressured into ditching other stuff to get Paradise filming pronto. Maybe there'll be more of a direct, and less confusing, link between the beginning of Alien and the end of Paradise. Whatever happens, the full interview is well worth a read (watch out for spoilers though). [Worst Previews via TotalFilm]