Samsung's Gunning For the iPhone 5 With Its "Unbreakable" Galaxy Note 2 Phablet

By Sam Gibbs on at

Samsung's apparently got a new phablet on its way, and considering the success of the original Galaxy Note, I'm not surprised. The Koreans aren't holding their punches though -- Samsung's apparently bringing the Galaxy Note 2 forward to launch in October to take Apple's incoming iPhone 5 head on.

The Galaxy Note 2 will supposedly be a derivative of the Galaxy S III, which isn't a bad move from where we're standing. It'll also have a large "unbreakable panel display", which is apparently a precursor to Samsung's flexible display, so this thing might even be a bit bendy. It'll probably rank in the 5.5-inch range, which firmly puts it in the phablet category, with rumours hinting at a potential screen resolution of 1680x1050 (that's high as the current 15-inch non-Retina Display MacBook Pro).

Considering how poorly the Galaxy S III's screen deals with drops, I really hope Samsung's got some seriously fancy hardass glass up its sleeve  -- call it unbreakable and you can bet your lunch money that everyone will try and smash it up good and proper. [MK Business via The Register]