Sharp's Future IGZO Displays Will Deliver 498PPI of Eye-Popping Pixel Density

By Adrian Covert on at

If you thought the pixel density wars were going to stall out with Apple's 326ppi Retina display and its qHD cohorts, you are oh so mistaken. Sharp is working on their next-generation IGZO display technology, which includes a 6-inch display with a 2500x1600 resolution, good for a pixel density of 498ppi.

According to The Verge, the IGZO technology was born when semiconductor researchers discovered a crystalline structure with superior electrical properties, allowing for the creation of smaller transistors which improve both viewing and touch recognition. Toss in the fact that this technology uses less power and it sounds like a gift from the smartphone gods.

But it won't only benefit standard LCDs. Sharp also had flexible OLED displays, which included 13.5-inch and 3.5-inch panels, each with densities of 326ppi (the 3.5-inch screen is pictured above). If they can do this now, just imagine what they'll be able to do with a few more years of engineering. [Sharp via The Verge]