Six Brits Arrested in Global Credit Card Fraud Crackdown, Thanks to Fake Criminal Forum

By Gary Cutlack on at

24 people from 13 countries around the world have been arrested, following an investigation into the buying and selling of stolen credit card details. The UK contributed six criminals to the haul.

The crackdown was led by the FBI, which daubed the operation with the rather dull nickname of Operation Card Shop. It involved the creation of a fake online forum, called Carder Profit, which was managed by the FBI and allowed it to monitor those who came to buy and sell batches of illegally obtained credit card details.

More than 400,000 credit card numbers and their associated personal data were discovered as a result of the operation, with one man, who called himself JoshTheGod, charged with trafficking 50,000 card numbers alone. [BBC]

Image credit: Credit cards from Shutterstock