Skoda Turns PR Madness up to 11 With Stonehenge Car Stunt

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest in the long line of ill-advised attempts to recreate Stonehenge comes to us via car maker Skoda, which has installed this car-henge on the bank of the river Thames.

The bizarre installation Skoda calls CITIHENGE has been designed to promote the launch of its tiny new Citigo car, and will only be in place in London on the 19th and 20th of June, so any Londoners who are in touch with nature and the seasons will be able to celebrate the summer solstice in a unique marketing-led environment.

The sculpture, which uses 18 old scrap cars, stands some five metres tall and is the work of sculptor Tommy Gun, will pop up in various places around the UK this summer, as part of Skoda's promotional tour.

Skoda says, rather oddly: "Citihenge symbolises the beginning of a new era of motoring and we hope drivers across the country will recognise this important turning point." [Skoda PR]