Social Stalker Site Shames Those Who Say Silly Things in Public

By Gary Cutlack on at

Social aggregator We Know What You're Doing is some sort of "experiment" being run by a chap called Callum Haywood, which pulls public status updates from a variety of social networks. The results are pretty shameful.

Categories like "Who's hungover?" and "Who's taking drugs?" pull out public status updates triggered by certain keywords, which, when taken out of context in such a way, do rather make it look like the world has indeed entirely gone to shit.

The most telling of all is the "Who's got a new phone number?" list, which pulls out mobile numbers from people who have previously lost their telephones after being featured in the drunk/drugs timelines the previous night. Fortunately the API the site uses to get the data does appear to be partially censoring the numbers, but if you were to look the owners up on Facebook they'd be there for all to see.

It's part modern life horror show, part warning to be a bit more careful with what you say on social networks. [WKWYD via Gizmodo Australia]