Sony PS3's New Gaming Headset Brings Extra Bass

By Adrian Covert on at

Last year saw the introduction of Sony's first PS3 gaming headset hich combined 7.1 virtual surround sound and noise-cancelling mic technology without the hassle of wires. This year's model—the Pulse—brings all of the aforementioned in a more conventional form factor and a new feature: EXTRA BASS.

The Pulse gaming headset, according to Sony, derives its name from the fact that it takes bass frequency and translate them into "pulses." Whether or not this enhances or detracts from gameplay remains to be seen (or in this case, heard), but it's an interesting new feature nonetheless. Also worth noting is that Sony has hidden the microphone technology for the headset in the earpiece and added a 3.5mm jack, so if someone wanted to use these for something not PS3-related, they won't look like a total goof.  [Sony via Ubergizmo]