T-Mobile's Global Roaming Data Deals Start at £1 a Day for 3MB Across Europe

By Gary Cutlack on at

T-Mobile has joined O2, Vodafone and Three in offering a capped mobile data plan for travellers, so its users don't end up with a £150 phone bill for daring to send a horrified Tweet from the streets of Magaluf.

T-Mobile has introduced a range of data bundles that cover different allowances for different plans across different areas of the world in addition to the EU, which start at a good £1 for a small 3MB dash of data in Europe, then mushroom to an astonishing £25 for 3MB should you be holidaying in Cuba or Brazil.

Paying £2.50 for 10MB or £10 for 50MB are the more sensible, usable choices than the £1 bargain basement price, but even then you'd have to be very, very careful. Monthly contract users pay for their bundle when they land in their destination, which expires after a month.

T-Mobile has also extended this package to PAYG customers, who can pay £1 for one day's access and 3MB of data use in Europe, or £5 for 20MB that lasts for a week, or £10 for 50MB that'll last a month. T-Mobile's roaming bundles kick in from June 19. [T-Mobile]

Image credit: Phone on a boat from Shutterstock