Teen Takes Spear to the Face and Survives

By Jacob Lewis on at

Teenagers should NOT be given guns or spears to play with, let alone spear guns. Sixteen-year-old Yasser Lopez went spear gun fishing with his buddy in a Miami lake and got speared right through the brain. Details are hazy on whether he shot himself or his mate mistook him for a giant salmon, but either way, the gun went off and turned Yasser into a human kebab.

Still conscious, he was rushed to hospital, but doctors had trouble getting him in the CT scanner because the spear was stuck right out of his face like a dalek's plunger. Somehow the spear missed all the important stuff like major blood vessels and eyeballs, meaning the boy unlucky enough to take a spear to the noggin is super lucky for making a 'miraculous recovery'. The doctors say he'll be as good as new, apart from some possible movement trouble on the left side of his body.

The neurosurgeon who treated him praised the paramedics for resisting the urge to just give the spear a tug! "The temptation if you don’t have experience with these things is, 'Oh well, pull it out.'" How on earth did they resist? [ABC News via The Register]