The First 4K Movie You Can Download Is 160GB and Absolutely Breathtaking

By Jesus Diaz on at

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and, at last, it's here: Tom Lowe has released his stunning documentary TimeScapes, a silent portrait of our planet captured with exquisite 4K cinematography.

It's available on iTunes up to 1080p and also from his site at 1440p. That's 2560 x 1440 pixels, the first 1440p film ever sold, which looks breathtakingly perfect in my 2560 x 1440-pixel iMac display.

But not only that: it's also the first movie available to consumers at 4K resolution — 4096 x 2304 pixels! It's 160GB, in super-duper-awesometastic-high-quality Cineform 4:2:2 format. You can also buy that one for £200 on an external USB drive. [TimeScapes]